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Member Submitted Photos
We are adding a new Photo Album containing photos submitted by 11th Armored Division Association members and their friends. Photos are listed by Unit. Click here for information on how you can submit  photographs.

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2004 Reunion

ASTP (Army Specialized Training Program)

21st Armored Infantry Battalion
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This photo was taken at a crossroads in my village (Vaux-sur-Sūre, at the time called Vaux-lez-Rosičres, half way between Bastogne and Neufchateau. It was there that all the tanks of the division were repaired) by a signal corps photographer, some others were taken but they are not so beautiful. The Signal Corps man went away after he took the pics, got them developed someplace and went back to see the girl's familly two days later with the pics. This picture is not in the national archives.

Yes the once young little girl is still alive. I only know the name that she took when she got married, she married a man named Robert Delaisse.

When the unit of Lt Harvey went off, all of his men signed a two paged sheet of paper with their names and addresses.

Pierre Godeau