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I would like to submit this photo of my great-uncle Konrad Lieber. He died in Wallersheim, Germany on March 5, 1945 as the 11th armored division was preparing to cross the Kyll River. He spoke fluent German and was an interpreter/interrogator for the German POW's. The other gentleman in the photo is my Grandfather, Nickolas Lieber. He was also and interpreter/interrogator but remained in the states and was assigned to the camps in Arizona, I believe. My husband and I are currently stationed Germany and have had the opportunity to visit Henri-Chappelle Cemetery in Belgium where my uncle is buried. How many other members of the 11th are buried in Europe? Thank-you for your timeand your dedication to this website.

Valerie Smith

I own several group photographs that used to belong to the late Mr. Anson "Red" W. Bennett, serial number 35510245, who served with the 11th Armoured Division. Specifically, one of the images was taken during World War Two and is captioned, "Hq. Co. CCA 11TH ARMOURED DIVISION at Camp Cooke, California". Before Mr. Bennett's death, he was able to identify most of the men in the photograph. I would like to find out more about these photographs. Also, I would like to know how I might be able to contribute the photographs to your association. Any assistance you can give to me will be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!

Sincerely,  Harry W. Heller

Hello: I would like to submit this photo of a photocopy of a newspaper clipping telling about when my much loved uncle Cpl. Richard Malcolm Hummel TEC5 Tank Driver was killed in action on the Belgium German border on 5 Mar 1945 when his tank ran over a mine. He was CCA 11th Armored Division. Thanks. Keith Hummel.