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Congressional Medal of Honor Award
     Burr, Herbert H.

     Rubin, Tibor

Distinguished Service Cross

     Burr, Herbert H.

Silver Star

Silver Star Recipients KIA
The following listed soldiers were killed in action and were posthumously awarded the Silver Star for gallantry. All are buried in American Military Cemeteries in Europe

1st Lt. Nelson P. Roberts (22TKN) - Lorraine Cemetery, France
Capt. Robert L. Ameno (41TNK) - Hamm Cemetery, Luxembourg
2nd Lt. Harry W. Foote (41TNK) - Hamm Cemetery, Luxembourg
Capt. George A. Scott (41TNK)- Lorraine Cemetery, France
Capt. Gene E. Sucharda (41TNK) - Ardennes Cemetery, Belgium (Wall of the Missing)
Capt. Chester D. Wilkins (41 TNK) - Netherlands Cemetery, Netherlands
PFC Arden R. Evans (42TNK) - Hamm Cemetery, Luxembourg
Sgt. Nelson E. Sommerlad (42TNK) - Netherlands Cemetery, Netherlands
PFC Julius La Rosa (21AIB) - Henri-Chapelle Cemetery, Belgium
2nd Lt. Vincent J. Mulvaney (21AIB) - Lorraine Cemetery, France
Sgt. Andrew T. Banka (55AIB) - Hamm Cemetery, Luxembourg
S/Sgt. Elwood G. Cashman (55AIB) - Lorraine Cemetery, France
S/Sgt. John B. Day (55AIB) - Lorraine Cemetery, France
2nd Lt. Ernest S. Kruchten (55AIB) - Hamm Cemetery, Luxembourg
1st Sgt. Cecil J. Cantrell (63AIB) - Hamm Cemetery, Luxembourg
1st Lt. Christopher O'Brien (63AIB) - Hamm Cemetery, Luxembourg
T/Sgt. Merlin Roberts (63AIB) - Netherlands Cemetery, Netherlands
PFC Deairl J. Rogers (63AIB) - Hamm Cemetery, Luxembourg
PFC William E. Stem (63AIB) - Henri-Chapelle Cemetery, Belgium
Pvt. Peter Maheras (81MED) - Hamm Cemetery, Luxembourg
Pvt. Herbert I. Meyer (81MED) - Hamm Cemetery, Luxembourg
2nd Lt. Hadley Neff (490FAB) - Hamm Cemetery, Luxembourg

Distinguished Service Cross
Pvt. Harvey L. Miller, Jr. (41CAV) - Netherlands Cemetery, Netherlands

Veterans or family members of veterans who were members of the 11th Armored Division or associated units, and who were awarded citations of Silver Star or above, are encouraged to post the texts of those citations on this page.

Please submit a copy of the text to the Webmaster by email to webmaster@11tharmoreddivision.com , or by regular mail to the Secretary at 2328 Admiral St., Alquippa, PA 15001. If you wish, the texts may be accompanied by appropriate supplemental data or a photograph.