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Pfc. Herbert H. Burr
Distinguished Service Cross Award

Pfc. Herbert H. “Doc” Burr was a bow gunner in a tank assigned to Company C, 41st Tank Battalion, 11th Armored Division. On January 15, 1945, he earned the Distinguished Service Cross through his heroic actions in battle. During an attack north of Noville, Belgium, Pfc. Burr’s tank was hit by anti-tank gun fire. The Tank commander, Sgt. Jon M. Jones, and gunner, Cpl.. Robert L. Roth were killed, and the loader was seriously injured. The tank caught on fire and began to burn. The Bow-Gunner, Pfc. Herbert H. Burr, had seen the flash of the antitank gun. He remained in the tank, firing his 30 cal. Machine gun. Through his action, the enemy anti-tank gun crew was pinned down and could not return fire. His ammunition expended, Pfc. Burr discovered that the injured crew member, loader David Kasavan, was still alive. Despite the fire in the turret, he managed to remove the wounded loader from the tank, and assisted him back to a medical aid station. Pfc. Burr then returned, and discovered that his burning knocked out tank had not yet exploded. He immediately went towards it, creeping, crawling, and camouflaging himself with snow until he got up to it. Upon reaching the tank, he found, found the engine still running. Even though the tank was on fire and might explode at any moment, he entered the tank and extinguished the fire. Still under enemy fire, he drove the damaged tank back to safety. For his bravery under fire, and in complete disregard for his personal safety, Pfc. Burr was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. Pfc. Herbert H. Burr was born at St. Joseph, MO. He entered service at Kansas City, MO.

Note: For further conspicuous gallantry in action near Dorrmoschel Germany on 19 March 1945, then Staff Sergeant Herbert H. Burr was also awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.