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Our History
A brief history of the Thunderbolts
Chronological History
Booklet: "The Story of the 11th
 Armored Division"

Order  of  Battle, WWII ETO
11th Armored Division Insignia
11th Armored Unit Insignia
11th Armored Photo Gallery

   Battle Route Map
Combat Command A

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Siegfried Line Map

Battle Route Map
Combat Command B

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Thunderbolt Unit Histories
Organization of the 11th Armored Division
21st Armored Infantry Battalion
    B Company, 21st AIB
    History of B Company, 21st AIB
    21st AIB, B Company - Our First Combat
22nd Tank Battalion

41st Tank Battalion
    41st Tank Battalion (additional)
    41st Tank Battalion, Company A
    41st Tank Battalion, Company B
    41st Tank Battalion, Company C
    41st Tank Battalion, Company D, Combat Diary
    Video of 41st Tank Battalion whitewashing a tank (no audio)
HQ Company 41st Tank Battalion History
41st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized
42nd Tank Battalion
    History of the 42nd Tank Battalion
    Company B 42nd Tank Battalion
55th Armored Infantry Battalion
56th Armored Engineer Battalion
    A Company, 56th Engineer Battalion, 2nd Platoon
    A Company, 56th Engineer Battalion, 3rd Platoon   
    A Company, 56th Engineer Battalion
    B Company, 56th Engineer Battalion
63rd Armored Infantry Battalion
    63rd Armored Infantry Battalion (Dec '44 to VE Day '45)
    In Action With 'A' Company, 63rd AIB
81st Armored Medical Battalion
    History of A Company 81st Medical Battalion
133rd Ordnance Maintenance Battalion
    133rd Ordnance Maintenance Battalion (additional)
    133rd Ordnance Maintenance Battalion, Company A
151st Armored Signal Company

    151st Armored Signal Company (additional)
490th Armored Field Artillery Battalion

    490th Armored Field Artillery Battalion, After Action Report
    490th by Captain Hank Carey
491st Armored Field Artillery Battalion
    491st Armored Field Artillery Battalion (additional)
492nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion
    History of the 492nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion (additional)
    492nd KIA / WIA Original Document (pdf format)
    492nd After Action Report (pdf format -large file)
575th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion
    575th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion (additional)
705th Tank Destroyer Battalion
713th Flame-Thrower Tank Battalion
778th Tank Battalion
    778th Tank Battalion, The Route to Battle, by G. Nicholson
    778th Tank Battalion, Baker Company
    C Company, 778th Tank Battalion
Combat Command A
Combat Command B
Combat Command R
Trains Headquarters Company
Division Artillery
Division Headquarters

Other Histories
Tec5 LaVerne Elmer Jones, by Krista Finstad Hanson
The Ardennes, Battle of the Bulge, by Hugh M. Cole
Armor In Exploitation
, by Edward R. Ardery (A56ENG)
HQ 55th AIB, by Myron Nosanov
After Action Narratives, by Bert Heinold C Company, 81st Medical Battalion
The European Theater Of Operations 1944-45, by Kenneth W. Moeller, Division Headquarters 
My Life In The Army With Co B, 55th AIB, by Homer (Gus) Olson
My Experiences in the Battle of the Bulge, by Captain Dick McCoy Hqs, 41st Tank Battalion
Breaching the Seigfried Line and the Rhine and Moselle Campaigns, by Captain Dick McCoy, Headquarters, 41st Tank Battalion
First Blood, An Account of the Action of the 41st Tank Battalion in the Battle of the Bulge
Tank-Armored Infantry Coordination in Attack, (42nd Tank Battalion and 63rd Armored Infantry Battalion), by Lt Col George B. Pickett, Jr.
The Reinforced Tank Battalion (42nd with 63rd AIB) In Exploitation,
 by Major General George B. Pickett
After Action Report, 23 Dec 1944 to 18 Jan 1945
After Action Report, 23 Dec 1944 to 31 Jan 1945
After Action Report CCR. 23 Dec 1944 to 8 May 1945
After Action Report,  1 Feb 1945 to 28 Feb 1945
After Action Report, 1 Mar 1945 to 31 Mar 1945
After Action Report CCA, 23 Dec 1944 to 31 Jan 1945
The Thunderbolt . .. . A Natural, Thunderbolt training history, edited by Emmett L. Keough, Script by Bob Kelly
USS Hermitage log, Ship transported 11th Armored personnel to Europe.
The Thunderbolt in the ETO,  A Chronological Outline
Thunderbolt, a book by Hal D. Steward
Report on 130th Evacuation Hospital at Mauthausen Concentration Camp 
Report on 131st Evacuation Hospital at Mauthausen and Gusen Concentration Camps

Personal Accounts
Some Reflections on World War II, by Rev. L. Gordon Blasius
Letters Sent Home, by James (Jim) Power, Company C, 55th AIB
Recollections of Mauthausen, by Capt. Alexander Gotz MD
With the Eleventh Armored Division In the Battle of the Bulge, A
Retrospective Diary
, by William W. Fee
Rechrival, Belgium, by Joseph L. Crooks
Baptism of Fire on the Siegfried Line, by Pfc Roy Bohner 1st Rifle Platoon B Co 55th AIB
A "Liberating" Experience, by Jules Levin, B Co 41st Tank Battalion
Reflections Of A Combat Infantryman, by Ralph Storm, B Co, 21st AIB
An Encounter in Sissone, by Daniel W. O'Brien, Co A, 56th Armored Engineer Battalion
The Battle of the Bulge and Other Memories of  WWII , by Robert S. Zimmer
A World War II Experience, by Col William Slayden. Fantastically harrowing experiences in the Battle of the Bulge. @Grunts.net
Contact at Houffalize, by Brigadier General Michael J. L. Greene
11th Armored Post Combat Interviews,  Courtesy of D.A. Howard

Articles and Stories
Too Young to Die (pdf), by Cliff Japs
Objective Nürburgring
, by Bob Roemer
Oscar Hall Black, personal history and photos 
11th ADA 60th Anniversary European Tour Report
, by Dan O'Brien
Taps, by Aaron Bernstein
Christmas 1944 in Europe, by Leonard Kyle
1994 Return To Belgium, by Ralph Storm (B21AIB)
Oliver Simmers, by Donna M. Knechtel Paszek
Short Stories Of WWII, by Leonard R. Kyle
I Was Born In Mauthausen Concentration Camp, by Eva Nathan Clarke
Battle Of The Bulge,
Co B, 63rd Armored Infantry Battalion, by Cole Barnard
Thunderbolt Poems
, by Michael Hanko - 56th Engineers
Two German POWs at Urfahr
, as told to Dan O'Brien by Rainer Kliemann
Three 99th Inf. Div. KIA's final resting, by Roger Marquet
America’s First SEa, Air, Land Commando-Lieutenant Jack Taylor, USNR, by Tom Hawkins, President, UDT-SEAL Association
Mauthausen Concentration Camp, by Kendra Dickinson
Liberation of Mauthausen and Gusen Concentration Camps,
by Former SSgt. Albert J. Kosiek
Preparation for Combat
by Brigadier General Charles S. Kilburn
The Communiqué
, by Wayne Van Dyke . True copyrighted story of Co. B, 41st Tank Battalion.
"The 'Sherman' at McAuliffe Square in Bastogne. The True Story" 
Order form for book about 41st Tank Battalion Tank and Crew.
Eleventh Armored Division Attacks in the Ardennes, by Jack Bell
To Those Who Fought the Battle of the Bulge
, by Eli J. Warach
Liberator, short story by S.L. Wisenberg