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11th Armored Division, 41st Tank Battalion, Company D -  July 1944
(submitted by George Kulczewski)
Click here for a panoramic photo of the 41st Tank Battalion, Co D

Here are two photos from the B Company, 41st Tank Batallion. This one is titled "The Jersey Five" Left to right standing - Bob Patey/Jersey City, Andrew Bojarski/Jersey City - Frank Hornyak/New Brunswick - Roy Minnerly/Jersey City Front: Anthony Bruno/Newark - Photo taken Gallneukirchen, Austria, May 8, 1945
This photo is Bob Patey Co B 41st Tank Batallion with Russian Soldier (Returning 18,000 German POWs to the Russian Army) Photo taken May 1945.

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"Tank Driver" Dr. Ted Hartman decorates the grave of Capt. Robert L. Ameno, B41TK.  at the American Military Cemetery,  Hamm, Luxembourg on April 29, 2005.

I have attached some pictures of my grandfather taken during WWII. His name was Phillip Bernstein. He served in Company C, 41st Tank Battalion. In the picture with 2 solders, Phillip is in the light colored tee shirt. I do not know the identity of the other solder. 

Phillip was born 03 Jul 1917 in Fort Worth, Texas. He died 27 Apr 2001 in Richland Hills, TX. He served our country in the 2nd World War from 13 Jun 1941 - 18 Sep 1945 with the 11th Armored Division Thunderbolts. He fought in battles at Ardennes, Rhineland and Central Europe earning The Purple Heart Medal, 3 Bronze Stars, EAME Campaign Medal and The WW II Victory Medal.

Phillip was very proud of his military service and would often times become emotional when discussing WWII.

He went on to marry Vivian Jean Lampman and had one daughter, Sandra Kaye Bernstein - Campbell. He worked and retired from Bell Helicopter and General Dynamics.

I am his granddaughter, Jeanie Campbell Peel.

1st pic MSgt Harold M Douglass and Sam McCaffrie. 2nd pic Sam and Jessi McCaffrie. 3rd pic MSgt Harold M Douglass and Judy with Sam and Jessie McCaffrie.

Couple in front unknown. Man in back M. Sgt Harold M. Douglass, couple to side Bill and Marilyn Jones

Camp Barkeley Historical Marker.

Cpl and Mrs. Wm Jones, Abilene, TX.

Left to Right: Pfc William Hoff of New Jersey, Tec 5 Joe Keefe of Marion OH, Sgt John J Faky of Brooklyn New York, and M Sgt Harold M Douglass of Rich Hill MO.

Names unknown

The article read:
Camp Polk, LA."You hit'em high, I'll hit'em low,: says Private Harold R. Donovan, Bayonne, N.J. (left) to Private Harold M. Douglass, Rich Hill, 
MO. Donovan finds Army cots spacious enough for his five-foot two frame while Douglass spreads some 255 pounds over his six-foot six frame. Both soldiers are members of the Eleventh Armored Division's 41st Armored Regiment 
here. (11th Armored Division, Public Relations).

Vinnie and Marie Sarrentino.

Mr. and Mrs. Pedersen and children.

Cpl Wm and Marilyn Jones Sept 11, 1943, stood up at the wedding of Harold M. and Judy Douglass.

Hubert by Sgt Dick Wingert
"Here's another village. Shall we stop and put the top up, or make a run for it?"