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The first photo shows S/Sgt Frank Stout, 1st Plt Co A 55th AIB, taking a break atop his half track on an overnight stop in Cham, Germany, April 23, 1945. Stout had just finished cleaning the .50 cal MG mounted in the turret of vehicle A-3 when a German reconnaissance aircraft flew overhead. Jumping into the turret as shown in the second photo, he began firing armor piercing and tracer rounds at the airplane which crashed just over the hill a mile or two away. No more spying for that "Bed-check Charlie"!

Solomon Farber (on left) and Squad

From Jason Wolf
Grandson of
Soloman Farber

A Half-track called Patricia

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Gerrie Peterson has identified the soldier seated on the ground against the wheel on the far left as Pete Valdez of Colorado Springs. He was wounded in battle on January 14, 1945. He received the Purple Heart and he passed away in September of 2001 at the age of 79.His second daughter was born in 1946 and he named her Patricia!

The Following Photos from John L. Naar

Best Wishes to the Hero's of the 55th AIB, 11th Division!

Included is a gift to each of the honorable and brave men who have made the ultimate sacrifices to ensure freedom for my generation and my children's generation. I am proud to be an American and have taught my children to never forget about your efforts in WWII. God Bless each of you and thank you!

My Father, Warrant Officer Donald W. Naar, served with the 291st Infantry Regiment, 75th Infantry Division. His unit fought in the Battle of the Bulge and liberated Grand Halluex, Belgium on Jan 16, 1945. I was named after my uncle, Pfc. John ("Jack") L. Rich, who served with members of 3rd Platoon, C Company, 55th AIB, 11th Division (also known as "Patton's Thunderbolts"). 57 years ago (December 31st, 1945) Jack was KIA in the Bois De Magery Woods southeast of the small farming hamlet of Acul in Belgium. In September of this 2002, I was fortunate enough to take a trip to Europe, where I followed in the unit's footsteps in search of my uncle's final resting place. The Naar/Rich family have included some photos from many sites in Belgium to Jack Rich's cemetery plot in Hamm, Luxembourg.

I hope you enjoy the photos included. If you have any information regarding Jack Rich and/or the events that took place on December 31st , 1944 or Jan 1st 1945, please feel free to contact me at jlnaar@us.ibm.com or naarsac@aol.com". My direct phone number if 916-087-3481.

Special thanks to Jack Ness, Phil Minges, Dan & Cathy O'Brien, Roy Gerard, John Conley and Bob Fisk The information provided was very helpful. Thank you for your time.

Jack Rich and some comrades in Training (Camp Cooke?)

Road to Tillet and Magerotte, Belgium

Road into City of Magerotte where a command post was established before
engaging the Germans in Acul

Beautiful Church in Magerotte

Main road in town of Magerotte

Road to civilian cemetery north of Magerotte

Cemetery north of Magerotte where the unit disembarked to move towards Bois De Magery Woods, Pisamount and Acul

Cemetery north of Magerotte

Road onto Bois De Magery Woods, Pisamount and Acul - forests and farms.
Little change since the Battle of the Bulge

Bois De Magery Woods - Very dense and quiet in 2002 - tree farms with
evergreens/pines in perfect rows

Bois De Magery Woods

Bois De Magery Woods

Bois De Magery Woods

Bois De Magery Woods

Road on to Acul (.7KM away)

Road into Acul - rolling hills and farms

Farm in Acul at base of hill sloping in from Pisamount

Part of barn/farm from the war(rebuilt)

Looking at hill from Acul (lower elevation)

Looking at hill from Acul (higher elevation)

Foxholes in Pisamount southwest of the hill near Acul



John Naar (me) on far right in Black Jacket with owners of the farms
in Acul - see hill in backdrop

Road onto Tillet with town in background

Tillet memorial on church to men of the 55 AIB

Memorial on wall

Another view

41st AIB 11 Div Tank in center of Bastonge as Memorial (From Battle in Tillet)

Bust of 101st Airbourne's General McAuliffe in Bastonge

US Memorial in Bastonge & John L. Naar (me) on top of memorial with Bastonge and Acul in far background

American Cemetery in Hamm Luxembourg

Pfc John L. Rich, 55th AIB, 11th Division plot

General George S. Patton - 3rd Army plot


JULES G. MUSYL ( I think he was a Sgt) He is the taller guy in all the photos, well over 6’ tall.

These are photos from my Dad’s scrapbook. Some are labeled in his hand for various locations. I have several more taken in Russia and other locations as well. If anyone knows the identity and/or contact information of others in the pics, especially the one signed “Cal”, please email me!

Thanks so much,

Melanie Musyl Hamilton

Jules G Musyl
11th Armored Div. Thunderbolt
55th AIB, Company A
Served 1943-1945

I just identified someone in one of the photos in my Dad's scrapbook. The photo was taken at Ft Dix in 1945. The man's name is Manny Schuman. My Dad is on the left. Please, does anyone know Manny Schuman??? Is he still alive??? Contact info???

Melanie Musyl Hamilton

Joe Waddle at Wegsheid
wounded 4/29/1945

Joe Waddle C55AIB Having a Beer in Kulmbach. Donna Waddle on Left, Frank Stout A55AIB on Right

Joe Waddle Receiving Medal from Mayor of Bastogne, May 2000

11AD Vets at Rohrbach, Austria, June 6 2000

Joe and Donna Waddle at Bayreuth, June 5, 2000

Picture of Pete Palone, Tony Petrelli and John Katchmere in Linz, Austria.