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Dear Friend,
Here attached is one picture of the plaque that I placed and the tree that I planted in my backyard. This modest memorial is dedicated to Pfc Robert A. Fordyce, Company B, 21st Armored Infantry Battalion, 11th Armored Division, who was killed in action on that place on December 31, 1944 at the age of 19. Bob is buried in the Henri Chapelle American Cemetery in Belgium and I adopted his grave since a while. His sister, Mae Jean, made me his heir and I do owns every document, every pictures of Bob's too short life. It is not sad because, now, since a lot of people think of him, Bob is still alive !

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards
Roger Marquet
This is a photo of Pfc. James M. Bishop taken at Camp Crowder where he did his basic training. My dad was married April 44, graduated high school in May 44, drafted June 44, deployed to the ETO February 45, and was KIA April 24, 1945 near Tittling, Germany. He is buried in the Lorraine American Military Cemetery near St. Avold, France.

He was a replacement assigned to the 1st platoon, Co. A, 21 AIB, 11th Armored Division. His sergeant was Sgt. Curran, and his Capt. was Capt. Trenton Dowdle.
Lorraine American Military Cemetery, 
St. Avold, France

This photograph is of the grave of Pfc James M. Bishop, 21 AIB, who was KIA near Tittling, Germany, 4-24-45. Also in the photograph is his only son, Marvin A. Bishop, born 2-20-45, who made a pilgrimage in May, 1984.
Attached are a picture of Bob Fordyce, Co B, 21st AIB at Camp Cooke in 1944 (coming soon) and a picture of me, Frank Hartzell, taken in 1950 when I was recalled for the Korean War. Bob was killed on Dec 31st, 1944 in Chenogne, Belgium.

Also a picture of me with Capt Fabrick, B Co commander taken in April 2002, and a picture of me, Charles Hocker, and John Fague-all 1st Platoon, Co B, 21st AIB - taken at a Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge meeting last December.

Frank Hartzell

Frank Hartzell, 1950

Frank, Charles Hocker, and John Fague.

Capt Fabrick, & Frank

Bob Fordyce at Camp Cooke

This is my great uncle Virgil Barnett who was killed 3-5-1945, he was a member of your division A21AIB and if anyone knew him I would love to hear from them.

Thanks, Terry
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Dear Friends,

One of the highlights of my life was having the opportunity to attend the 61st Annual Reunion of the 11th Armored Division in Buffalo. What made it more special was being there with my grandfather to share in his history. Grandpop served in B Company of the 21st AIB. His experience in the war brought with it good and bad times. The good memories are those of the special bonds he developed with his fellow comrades. They trained, ate, slept, played, and fought together. They were like family and to this day, grandpop thinks about them- especially his comrades who were killed so far away on the far away battlefields of Belgium. I enjoyed the bond my grandfather and I shared that week and will cherish it for the rest of my life. 

In memory of that special event in Buffalo, I want to share a photo I took during the Sing-Along. Included are the men of Company B, of the 21st AIB. May the memory of their sacrifices and contributions live on forever. 

From left to right: my grandmother (sitting), Gloria Hocker; Ralph Storm, Frank Hartzell, Roger Marquet (Belgian visitor who is well known throughout the ranks of the 11th for shepherding returning veterans around the battlefields they fought on nearly 60 years ago. Roger is an honorary member of the association for what he has done for the 11th Armored veterans over the years. His work is attributed to his sincere appreciation for the soldiers who liberated his country from the Nazis. He has also adopted a few graves of American soldiers buried in Henri Chapel American Cemetery in Belgium), John Fague; my grandfather, Charles Hocker; and the Captain of B Company, Elmore Fabrick. To all a special thanks for what you did. You will always be remembered.

All the Best
Robert A. Clemens

This is a photo of my uncle, Oliver A. Simmers. He was a member of Company A, 21st Armored Inf. BN, 11th Armored Divison. He was KIA January 2, 1945 in Monty Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge. He wore glasses but does not have them on in this photo. He enlisted in 1942 and was stationed at Fort Knox, KY and was originally a member of the 8th Armored Division before they were incorporated into the 11th. He mentions training recruits on the Tommy Gun and Machine Gun. He was also on the boxing team and mentions riding a motorcycle. I have a letter from December 1942 with the return address of Camp Polk and one from January 1944 from Camp Cooke.

If anyone remembers him or has any information I would love to hear from you. My email address is dmpaszek@comcast.net 

Thank you,
Donna M. Knechtel Paszek


This is my Great uncle Virgil I. "Bobby" Barnett of A21AIB. He was killed 3-5-1945. 

Terry Wofford 

Sgt. Harold George Wolfertz 21st AIB, 11th Armored Division, went on his last patrol Saturday February 28th, 2004.

Scott Wolfertz

Ray Johnson 
Bell, CA 
Sunday, May 23, 2004 23:40 

Enjoy this great site and making contact with buddies in B Company 21AIB. Photo attached was taken in Worms, Germany where we were for a couple of days when we reached the Rhine River. 

Enclosed is a picture of Sgt. Edwin J. Fraley, 21 AIB, taken in 1944 with his parents Cecil and Carrie Fraley. Edwin would have been my mothers 2nd cousin. Fraley died 1/1/1945 and received the Silver Star as listed in the Citations section of this web site.

Thank you,

Terry Baker
El Dorado, KS

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Attached please find an archive photo for use on the website. This picture was taken at Fort Polk, Louisiana, in 1943. Our Father, Pete C. Ontiveros, is shown standing far right.

Sincerely, Ontiveros Family

Richard DAVE Staubach 
Glastonbury Connecticut 

My Father Richard Staubach (on the right in picture) served during WWII with the 11th Armored Division 21st Armored Infantry Battalion Company C. He is still alive and would like to contact members he served with. He doesn't have email, but if you answer I will print him a copy. 

Photo of James M. Bishop, A21AIB, taken in Oct 1944 at Camp Crowder where He was in basic training.

I am attaching a photo of a ceremony held last fall for my father, Herbert Pharis who was awarded the Bronze star for his service with the 11th AD, 21st AIB. He received a citation letter from his Congressman, John Boozman.

Brett Pharis

You would may be remember, I wrote in my book about Chenogne about the death of several G.I.'s. James Cust was one of these kia's but I never succeeded in having any picture of him. Well today, I welcomed his brother and guided him to the exact spot where his brother fought and died. And he gave me pictures. Here is so James O. Cust / Co;B / 21st A.I.B / 11th Armd Div., taken in 1944 just before his departure for Europe... and for his death. Maybe some of you guys, will remember him - especially those of you who studied under the ASTP at Puger Sound College , Tacoma, WA and who were later members of Company B / 21st AIB . Jim was KIA when he tried to throw a grenade in the second floor of the big stone farm in the entrance of the village; he was KIA at the same time as Sgt Fraley and Lt Jones. Please remember him.

Best regards
Roger Marquet
Chenogne, 1d
B-6640 Sibret
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Sat, 15 Apr 2006

I very much enjoyed your site and would like to send you some pictures of my father Wayne A. Hann Sr. He was in the 21st Inf comp A 11th Armored Div. One of the pics was of dad at the last family reunion he was at, and the other was his military Photo. He drove a half track. I don't have the number or nickname of his half track, but he always carried a stretcher on the fender, and he managed the radio with a lieutenant with him. He didn't talk too much about that time, but he did tell us some stories. 

Thank You so much
Scott B. Hann Sr.
Fort Loudon, Pa



I would like to send you these 2 photos of my Dad - Harding Joseph Fremin. He was a member of Company "A" 21st Armored Infantry Battalion. He entered active service on October 30, 1942 and completed his Tour of Duty January 14, 1946. According to his discharge papers the Battles and Campaigns listed are -  Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central Europe.

He was never wounded. Dad Died 21 years ago on October 23, 1984, so I know he is up in Heaven with all of his Army buddies. Keep up the good work with this website as I always look at it.

Thanks, Sonya Ann Fremin Sherman
Port Allen, Louisiana

I would like to send you some photos I found of my father Wayne A Hann Sr and others of the 21st Infantry group A. I am not sure who all are in the photos but I want to share them with all of you. Thanks to your site I was able to talk to one of my fathers war buddies which meant soooo much to me.

Thank you so very much,
Scott B. Hann Sr.

Paul Davis 
Company C, 21st Armored Infantry Battalion

I found some pictures of my father a little less than 2 years ago and found out by the pictures he was in World War 2 and he never said a word about fighting in World War 2 and he was in basic training October 26,1940. But we knew one thing he hated Germans but he never said why and he would say the Sherman tank was a death trap. All his papers was burned during the National Personnel Records Center July 12, 1973 fire. We have only one paper and it was from the Korean War. My father died September 3, 1987. So we had to build his medals and patches from pictures that we found. He was proud of his American Indian heritage being part Cherokee.

-Johnny and Lisa Davis

Written on the back:

"This picture Adam took and we didn't know nothing about it I was inspecting Pvt Wence's gun.

Pvt. Bob Champion
January 13-1943

P.S. This is the best picture I took"

The back of this picture writes:

"Three eight balls:
Pvt Bob Champion
Pvt Adam Siedlik my buddy
Pvt Joe Frem"

Robert Champion

The back of this picture writes:

"Left to right:

St. Laurent
Jimmie Hardy (my buddy)

Robert Champion, or "Uncle Bob" was born Francis Champion on September 7, 1921 in Chicago, IL and died December 7, 1984 in Elmwmailto:glogan1@sbcglobal.netood Park, Illinois.

MaryLynn Logan
Lake Zurich, Illinois

Ernie Lewallen and Squad

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Lewallen Jr.

Pfc. E. C. Lewallen Jr.

Squad III

Squad II