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Robert Auerbach, Jerry Bartling, and Charley Deitwiler

From: "tom bartling" <tbart6@juno.com>

Sirs, My dad, Jerry Bartling, served with E Troop, 41st Cav, 11th Armored division. I think this photo was taken in England in late '44. I have a lot more of Dad's pictures if anyone is interested. Thank you, vets, for all you for us. Tom Bartling

Please find attached some photos from the 41st Cavalry Recon Sq.  These are of my dad, Hermen Neff, Sutersville, PA.  Dad is still alive and well at 81. Let me know if you need additional information.


A picture of 2nd Platoon, Troop F, during desert training.  The right-most person in the top row (close to the cannon) is Sgt. Hermen Neff from Sutersville, PA.  The middle person in the bottom row, without the helmet, is the platoon sergeant (name unknown)


Elements of Troop F at the front in Germany in 1945 (place unknown).  The person getting the coffee is Sgt. Hermen Neff.  Behind him is "Spencer" and at the far right is "Hunter".
Photo taken in 1945, probably in or near Linz based on similar pictures.  On the left, closest to the track, is Sgt. Hermen Neff.  On the right is "Sunny".

11th Armored Division, 1st Platoon, Troop D, 41st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized

Austria after the May 5th Liberation of Mauthausen
T-4 Sgt. Harry Saunders wearing a German Officers Hat

This is the only picture (original 1-1/2" by 2"), Harry's wife, Jean, had of him while he was gone to war. She worked in the Federal Building in Seattle, Washington, also for the Army, and was proud to show the other girls "the love of her life". Harry and Jean have been married 60 years on September 9, 2002.


11th Armored Division
1st Platoon, 41st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized
T-4 Sgt. Harry Saunders

Harry Saunders (wearing white cap) at 50 Year Ceremony (May 5, 1995) for Liberation of Mauthausen Death Camp. The man to Harry's left (in dark suit coat) is Mr. Wilhelm F. Nowy of Mauthausen, Austria.
When Harry's platoon liberated the camp, Mr. Nowy was 12 years old and begged the G.I.'s for candy and chewing gum. Harry has been corresponding with him since 1995, and has met Mr. Nowy twice, once in 1995, and again in 2000 at the Death Camp.
11th Armored Division
1st Platoon, 41st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized
T-4 Sgt. Harry Saunders

This photo was taken in Austria shortly after Harry's part in the Liberation of Mauthausen Death Camp on May 5, 1945. He is holding a German Lugar in his right hand and a Nazi SS Dagger on his belt. They were both taken from German prisoners at Mauthausen during the surrender.

If anyone is interested, I have taken some digital pictures of Harry recently, holding the dagger. Also, some close ups of the dagger, which Harry has in his possession.

Mr. James Phillips, of Essex, England has acquired a WWII vintage U.S. Army armored car in Italy. He is in the process of restoring the vehicle to original condition. While stripping paint down to the base metal, paint markings were discovered that identified it as vehicle No. C-18 of Troop C, 41st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Mechanized, of the 11th Armored Division. These photos show the vehicle in un-restored and partially restored condition. When the project is completed, we hope to post photos of C-18 in her original battle-ready condition.

This is a photograph of my father taken during Basic Training in California before the 11th went overseas.

Dad was:
Mark West
Troop B 41st Cavalry Recon Sqd, Mech
Armored Car Radio Operator

I have attached a photo of the 41st Cav. Recon. Squadron from Camp Barkeley. I hope everyone enjoys the photo. Hopefully, someone will be able to ID the men! My dad Tom Hughes is the third from the left in the middle row. Next to him, fourth from left, is John Pfiel, who was killed in action. I also included this photo of my dad.

Tomi Morris

Tom Hughes

Date: Sun, 11 May 2003 20:17:30 -0400 
Subject: Photo 
From: Robert Siglin 
To: the11thada@yahoo.com 

Attached is a photo showing four military vehicles restored by my father Jim Siglin and I in honor and remembrance of my grandfather 1st Sgt. John B. Siglin, 41st Cav. Recon. Squadron, Troop A and the 
soldiers of WWII. From left to right we have: 

1942 Ford GPW marked 41C A-1
1945 Willy's MB marked 41C A-3
1941 Dodge WC-12 1/2 ton marked 56E A-1
1944 GMC CCKW-353 2 1/2 ton marked 490 F C-21

We are always looking for canvas items/musette bags/web gear/clothing/maps to display with the vehicle.If any members would have any items that they'd like to see preserved and used, we would be honored to accept them. My address is;

James R. Siglin
Route 390
PO Box 285
Mountainhome,PA 18342

If any one has any questions please email my father at csiglin@ptd.net or myself at robert.siglin@verizon.net

Thanks! Rob Siglin

Here is a photo of my cousin, Adrian G. Liljequist, Jr., who was a Scout in Troop E, 41st Armored Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron - Mechanized; 11th Armored Division, 3rd Army.

My guess is that the photo of "Buzz" (or "Buzzy", as he was affectionately known) was taken shortly after completion of basic training in 1943. His daughter and I would welcome a note from anyone who personally knew Buzz. 

Ragnar Liljequist, P.O. Box 11228, Bainbridge Island WA 98110

Katherine Christ 
Location: Boalsburg,, PA 


My grandfather, George William Morris Jr., was in WWII & in the 11th Armored Div., 41st Cavalry Reconnaissance Sq. He passed away in January 1991 and is now buried in the Columbarium at Arlington National Cemetery.

Thank you,
Katherine Christ
Boalsburg, PA

"Dean L Kellogg, Jr." <kelloggd@uthscsa.edu> 
Subject: 11ad 41st cav 
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Attached are photos of my m8 that I have restored to be a 41st cav vehicle. It is a 1943 model.

I decided to use 11ad markings after meeting Sgt Joe Locsos who was in the 11th. James Phillips (whose M8 is also listed on your site) helped me get the markings correct.

dean kellogg

In Memory of
James E. Brush
Troop D, 41st Armored Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Mechanized 

March 20, 1926 - July 3, 2007

Hi, My name is Tim Caughlin. I am the son in law of Sgt. Frederick J Beckett, deceased 11th Armored veteran. He was part of the 41st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mechanized, F-Troop. 

I am unsure where and when this was taken as I only found it after he had passed away. It appears the plane may be a Heinkel HE, but I can't see enough of the plane to be sure. He was truly the greatest man I've ever known,

Thank you,

Tim Caughlin