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submitted by Rick Zamparelli


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submitted by Bill Pawlo

From Rick Zamparelli

This is a photo of my Dad Leo Zamparelli (left), and Bob Kinsley (right). It was taken in the Ardennes 1945.

Dad came home this past memorial day weekend after a 10 week hospital stay. Mom told us how when Dad came home in 1945 he did not get the reception or banner others got. This was our way of saying welcome home.
Dad's Coming Home Sign.

Leo was a member of the 11th armored division 42nd tank batallion company B.

Members of Co. B, 42nd Tank Battalion, 11th Armored Division. From left: Pfc. Wallace H. Weeks-tank driver (from Toronto, Ontario, Canada), Harold M. Black (from Utah), Benny J. Bittner (from Illinois), and Sgt. Richard ? (surname unknown). On outpost duty on the bridge over the Innes River at Grossraming between Steyr and Linz, Austria. Taken July, 1945.

Members of Co. B, 42nd Tank Battalion, 11th Armored Division. From left: Sgt. Richard ? (surname unknown), a tank commander, Sgt. Chester B. Grygar, tank commander (from Minnesota), Pfc. Wallace H. Weeks, tank driver (from Toronto, Ontario, Canada). On outpost duty on the bridge over the Innes River at Grossraming between Steyr and Linz, Austria. Taken July, 1945

I would really like to hear from anyone who knew these men of Co. B.


John D. Weeks 

Brad Denton 
Location: Arlington, TX 

Sunday, April 18, 2004 02:00 Hi, I really enjoyed your site. It had a great amount of information especially helpful to me in finding information about my great uncle who was in B Co., 42nd Tank Battalion. His name was SSGT. Harold E. Oliver and he died Jan. 1, 1945 around the area of Rechnval, Belgium, I think? 

If anyone knew him or has some pictures of him that they could send me I would greatly appreciate it.

I am very proud of the what he did and the sacrifice he and all of you made for us. As a veteran myself I would hate to let his memory fade away. So if anyone has any stories or information about what he got his Bronze Star for or anything I would appreciate it. I have attached a picture of him.

Thanks - Bradley S. Denton

Sgt. Ronald C Atkins

My father served as a Sgt. in the 42 Tank Bn. 11th Armored Division, but I am unable to find mention of him in your site.
His title was Sgt. Ronald C Atkins.
Please find three attachments, a copy of an envelope addressed to him while in the service, his discharge papers and a photo. 

Please let me know if his name can be added to your site.
Thank you,
Kim Owen
Sgt. Ronald C. Atkins

Ronald C. Atkins of Beloit, WI, joined the United States Army on October 19, 1942, at fort Sheridan, Il. He served as a Tank Commander in Company D, 42nd Tank Battalion, 11th Armored Division. He was seriously wounded on January 1, 1945 in the Battle of the Bulge, but later returned to active duty. He earned three bronze battle stars for the Ardennes-Alsace, Rhineland, and Central Europe campaigns. In addition to the Purple Heart, he earned the Victory Medal, the European-African-Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon, the American Theater Ribbon, and the Good Conduct Medal. After discharge on December 15, 1944, he retuned to Beloit, WI, and later moved to Loves Park, Il. He pursued civilian careers as truck driver, cab driver, and carpenter. He was married three times, and had four children and five step-children. He passed away on February 3, 1993. 

My grandfather was a wonderful man. He had a long and life even though the last six years was hard because he had dementia and prostate cancer. But, before that he worked as a Carpenter, then he owned his own business tarring roofs where my grandmother helped him. Then I was born. I was the apple of his eye. My mother didn't want me, so he and my Grand Mother took me in and raised me. So it was my turn when he got sick, I took care of him until he passed away... I know I'll see him again but I will always miss him. The things he did when I was a kid and the things he taught me. He was tough on the outside, but on the inside he was gentle. He made things for me to play on and he loved his animals.

James A. Sanders, Company D, 42nd. Tank Battalion, passed away July 25, 2005

Tammy Lou

This is a photo of Don Cayer (42TK), now 93 years old, with 1 of his 2 sons and his 2 grandsons, on Christmas Day, 2006. 

Don was a Tech Sergeant of the 42nd Tank battalion in headquarters during 1944-45 in the Battle of the Bulge. He still lives in Green Bay,Wisconsin. 

Submitted by his son Douglas Cayer.(rocker@gbonline.com) 

My Dad, Bob Kinsley, of Belleville, NJ, served in the 11th Armor, 42nd Tank Division, Company B, during WWII.

I would love to have more pictures. Sadly, a lot of his WWII books that he gave me were ruined in storage. I remember looking at them all the time when I was young. Any photos would be greatly appreciated. I saw his picture posted with Leo Zamparelli on your members photos section of your website.

Dad was very proud of the division that he served in and so are we! Dad passed away on August 22, 1995 after a long illness.

I would love to hear from other people or their families that served with my Dad. My Mom, Charlotte Kinsley, is still alive and lives out here in Arkansas by me. Thanks. I will be looking for emails!

Anne dsluppic@pgtc.com

T/4 Joseph Roche D42TK

Lawrence Mewhorter D42TK at Fort Knox

S/Sgt. Lawrence Mewhorter D42TK, KIA March 7, 1945

Lawrence Mewhorter D42TK with sister Margaret, June 1944

Tankers in Training at Fort Knox (Larry Mewhorter D42TK in back Rt

Pvt. David Hershkowitz D42TK, KIA 7 March 1945

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Left is a Wedding day photo of my Parents George and Theresa Pawlo, flanked by their Best Man (Paul Lione, husband of Nancy who sent me these photos) and the Maid of Honor, sister of the bride (Valeria Vlkovic), in front of the Courthouse in Jersey City, New Jersey, prior to leaving for Texas and training in 1942?

Below is a picture taken in front of the Arc De Triomphe in Paris, from my internet research. There are two soldiers labeled: Harry Nedurian I believe is labeled correctly. “George” I believe is incorrect, as it is not my father, but may be Charlie Martino

William (Bill) Pawlo
308 Beechwood Road
Oradell, NJ 07649

Here are a couple of pictures during our desert training in 1943
 Gilbert Waganheim, Headquarters 42nd Tank Battalion

T/4 Leo Zamparelli B42TK ans S/Sgt. Thomas at Eben, Germany on October 10, 1945

S/Sgt. Fritz Witkiewicz A42TK

S/Sgt Fritz Witkiewicz served in the 11th Armored, 42nd Tank Battalion, "A"Company from 21 Nov 1942- 6 Nov 1945.

Wounded in the Ardennes outside the town of Rastate, Belgium on 15 Jan 1945. Full recovery, and joined the NJ National Guard after the war.