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Raymond Monroe Stover 
Battery B, 491st Field Artillery Battalion

My dad was in the 491st AFA company A during WWII and has recently passed away, after finding your web site I decided to send you a couple of his pictures, I hope others enjoy them as much as my dad did.

The first picture is of a howiter that was named Old Abilene pictured are Lee Feldman, Jim Le Strange, Bob James, Oscar Brennecke , 491st AFA Co. A.

The next picture is of my dad on the left Herb Gallagher and two of his crewmen some where in Europe.

The last picture is a post card that my dad sent to his uncle during the war . 

Bill Gallagher

It is with great sadness that I report the death of my father, Aaron Bernstein of Cleveland, Ohio. Originally from Sutton, West Virginia, Dad always joked that "Hillbillies never die; we just ugly away." In one respect this is true, for my father's spirit will never die. He was a country boy at heart!The beauty of his love and compassion for others will never "ugly away." He was a remarkable man and I was so lucky to have him in my life for so many decades.

I'm sending two photographs, one of him alone, and one with two other gentlemen (Dad's in the middle.). I'm curious to know who the other two soldiers are.

I have been going through the paperwork from my grandfather’s service in the 491st Armored Field Artillery, in the attempts to produce a booklet for my Grandmother, Mother and Sister to have as mementos, as my Grandfather passed away in 1989. I have very little information on his service (since he refused to talk openly about it) which the exception of one afternoon when I was young; maybe 12? I have attached one of the few photographs of him in his service uniform (I have several others, but will need to locate them). His name was William “Bill” E. Coplin, and at the time of his discharged he was the rank of TEC 4. He entered into active service on 6 Nov 42, and 14 Nov 1945 was his separation date from Carson Colorado Hospital Center. I have his medals which include the Good Conduct Ribbon, WWII Victory Ribbon, EAME Ribbon w/ 3 Bronze Service Stars, Purple Heart w/ 2 Stars and the ATCM. I know it’s pretty improbable, but if there are any other photos or information, I would greatly appreciate it.

Paul Sinclair

T/3 William Coplin, Battery B, 491st. Armored Field Artillery Battalion

Charles Oetting - better known as T-Bolt.
Does any one remember him? 

This is a picture of 1st Lieutenant Herbert M Aumann, who served in the 11th Armored Division 491st Field Artillery Battalion. Such a good looking guy! Move over George Clooney. : ) 

My Father passed away on October 8, 2006. He is dearly loved and missed. So proud of him and all the men who served to keep us free. I have pictures my Dad took after Mauthausen was liberated. Such sad picturest. 

Thank you for the work on this website that honors these heroes

Donna Cooper