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Attached is a photo that I know nothing about. My grandfather carried a camera with him during the war. Please post it to see if any one knows of who the people are and where it was taken.

-Jack Wood

I know a couple of the guys in the photo....Maj Martin D. Miller and John Hanighen are in the front of the half-track (Miller sitting). I think that is me in the background. So, how do I get in contact with Jack Wood? And, who was his grandfather?

John D. Wolf

Wayne S. Butler" <wsbut@enter.net> wrote:

I found this photo in my Mother-in-laws chest. Trying to locate relatives to send this picture to. I am sure that there is someone who would like to have it. I think he was from the New York or New jersey area.

Can contact me at wsbut@enter.net

Thank you, Wayne

Taken Apr 3, 1947 on discharge from Arm General Hospt (Walter Reed) Wash, D.C.

Sgt Stanley Allen Nelson
A.S.N. 1-218-453
U.S.V.A. C4-112-607

Combat Service,
1916- Mexican Border Campaign, 14th Inf. -6th Division

1917-1918-1919 AEF France- Battery B, 105th F.A. - 27th Division

1942-1947 Hq. Btry- 492nd Armd F.A., 11th Armd Div - 3rd Army, E.T.O.

The attached picture is of a group of soldiers from C Battery, 492nd Armored Field Artillery Battalion, 11th Armored Division near Bastogne, January 1945.

My father Corporal Dix A. Lathrop, Nebraska is the upper right person in the picture. He was a forward observer and was wounded while on detachment to the 55th AI near Steffenhausen and the Maginot & Siegfried Lines on 7 FEB 1945 returning to his unit near Hof-Bayreuth Germany on 15 APR 1945. 

He later participated in the liberation of Mauthausen, Gusen, Ebensee and other concentration camps in Austria.

Brent Lathrop