The 11th Armored Division Honor Roll Index
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Symbol    Unit Name                                     Page No.   
133ORD    133rd. Ordnance Maintenance Battalion          1
151SIG    151st. Armored Signal Company                  1
21AIB     21st. Armored Infantry Battalion               1-5
22TK      22nd. Tank Battalion                           5-6
41CAV     41st. Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron          6-7
41TK      41st. Tank Battalion                           7-8
42TK      42nd. Tank Battalion                           8-10
490AFA    490th. Armored Field Artillery Battalion       11
491AFA    491st. Armored Field Artillery Battalion       11
492AFA    492nd. Armored Field Artillery Battalion       11
55AIB     55th. Armored Infantry Battalion               11-15
56ENG     56th. Armored Engineer Battalion               15-16
575AAA    575th. Anti Aircraft Artillery Battalion       16
63AIB     63rd. Armored Infantry Battalion               16-19
705TD     705th. Tank Destroyer Battalion                20-21
713FT     713th. Flame Thrower Tank Battalion            21
778TK     778th.Tank Battalion                           21-22
81MED     81st. Armored Medical Battalion                22
CCA       Combat Command A                               22-23
CCB       Combat Command B                               23
DIVARTY   Division Artillery                             23
HQMP      Division Headquarters Military Police Company  23