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Our beloved Peggy Pfeiffer, late Secretary of the 11th Armored Division Association, posted the following message in the Thunderbolt newsletter and on the web site shortly after the tragic attack on the Twin Towers in New York City.  Her heartfelt words remain as appropriate today as they were when she composed them in 2001.  We treasure memories and thoughts of Peggy, of those who perished, and of those who now serve, in our minds and in our hearts

Secretary's Message

Peggy Pfeiffer 2328 Admiral St., Aliquippa, PA 15001

It has been stated many times that a picture is worth a thousand words. Ross Snowdon's (DIVHQ) photo on our front cover certainly bears stark, yet silent, witness to the essential truth of that ancient axiom. Until Ross's photo arrived in the mail, I was in a quandary about what approach to take regarding the tragedy that took place on September 11. What could I possibly write that hadn't been expressed more eloquently many times over? How could I tie recent events together with the 11th Armored Division? What if subsequent events rendered what I wrote outdated by the time you received this newsletter? Those dilemmas vanished the moment that I saw the picture taken in front of Ross's house.

I invite and encourage all of you to take a moment to gaze at the cover of this newsletter and affix your own thousand words of meaning to it. Photos are but frozen moments in time, always subject to each viewer's personal interpretation. These are the words that I attach to that poignant image:

As in the harsh winter of 1944-45, the 11th Armored Division remains indivisible; united against and defiant in the face of forces that seek to mock and destroy the American way of life. Now as then, the 11th Armored Division proudly waves the Star Spangled Banner that symbolizes to the world the freedom, justice, independence, and equality that the Thunderbolts fought so hard to preserve. Though their fighting days have passed into the annals of history, the 11th Armored Division staunchly supports the young American GI's who today stand in harm's way and strive bravely to follow in the victorious footsteps of their Thunderbolt brethern-in-arms. The torch of defending our great nationís honor has been proudly passed to these young men; may God go with them, as He did with us. From distant memory, the 11th Armored Division fondly recalls the unhesitant, unfaltering support that they, as youthful soldiers, received from their elders long ago. Indomitable in spirit, the 11th Armored Division faces tomorrow with the incomparable resolve, inviolable sense of duty, and invincible spirit of sacrifice necessary to defeat whatever woes the coming days may spawn.

Those were the words that Ross's photo spoke to me. Whatever message the photo conveys to you, I hope that it was one that renewed your faith and hope in our country and its future. That was certainly the message I received. Faith and hope are surely the Twin Towers of American patriotism that no enemy can ever destroy. Thanks Ross and Laura, your photograph truly said it all.


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