The 11th Armored Division Association’s Planning and Dissolution Committee is charged with studying issues affecting the future of the Association. Based on this Committee’s work over the past year, the decision was made by general membership vote at the Boston reunion to hold the Association’s final annual reunion at Louisville, Kentucky in 2010. This decision was made because of significant decline in attendance at the last two reunions and projected declines in attendance at future reunions.

We must now decide whether to dissolve the Association itself at the Louisville reunion in 2010 or to continue the Association in some form as an operational organization. The Planning and Dissolution Committee will be working on this issue over the coming year. A decision will be made on this at the Chicago reunion in 2009.

Perpetuation of the Association’s website after total dissolution of the Association is an important issue. A majority of Association members believe that the website should continue beyond termination of the Association. Toward that end, a trust fund is being set up to ensure financial support for the website after the Association is no longer active.

As a 11th Armored Division Association member, your input on the matters addressed in this brief report is welcome. Please forward any comments to:

Gerry Cockrell
P.O. Box 607
Buffalo Gap, Texas 79508
E-mail: fatboy01@swbell.net