22nd Armored Tank Battalion

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22nd Armored Tank Battalion

Shield: Parted per fess wavy, argent and vert, two pallets counter-embattled, counter-changed.

Crest: None.

Motto: None.

Description: The colors green and white stand for Armor. The two pallets counter-embattled are heraldic symbols in this case for tank tracks. Overall, they form an eleven, the numerical designation of the unitís parent unit, the 11th Armored Division. Looked at as a green eleven on a white ground over a white eleven on a green ground they signify twenty two, the numerical designation of the battalion. The white of the shield at the top signifies the snows of the Ardennes Campaign: the wavy partition line stands for the Rhine River and the Rhineland Campaign, while the green symbolizes the green fields of Europe and the Central Europe Campaign, all during World War II.